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Since 2011, we have been providing a platform for organizers across all types of ticketing and event businesses. The founders of bring over 25 years of experience in organizing events themselves, including festivals, concert tours, exhibitions, gala performances, and more. Additionally, some of our founders have over 20 years of experience working with Ticket systems, event listings and world's largest museums and developing their ticketing systems.

What makes us unique?

- is self-served. You can sign up and set up your events or event listing on your website in minutes. As you have complete control over your events, you can change anything later, even when the sales have started.

- Reliability and Speed of Payments: We do not hold the funds from your ticket sales. The money for each ticket sold is transferred directly to your acquiring account immediately.

- We harness powerful industrial solutions, guaranteeing the utmost reliability.

- The platform is created for all types of events of different sizes.

- A reliable and rapid ticketing platform, designed to serve any kind of events, Including stadiums and events hosting crowds of 20,000 to 100,000+ attendees.

- Desktop Applications for Managing Your Events: You can efficiently manage your events directly from your computer. No need to wait for internet processing—make all necessary changes on your computer and send them to the platform with a simple "Save" click. This feature is especially convenient for seated events, recurring events, large-scale events, and situations where you utilize multiple platform features to maximize your earnings.

- If you don't have a website, you can still have a dedicated event page on the website. This allows you to showcase your event and sell tickets directly through our platform, even if you don't have your own online presence.

- If you have multiple events but don't have your own website, you can have your event listings featured on the website. This provides you with a platform to showcase all your events in one place, making it convenient for attendees to discover and purchase tickets to your various offerings.

- If you don't have your own website for ticket sales, you can quickly create one on your own domain using the website creation features of the platform. This allows you to start selling tickets within hours of deciding to do so. All the events you create on the platform will automatically be displayed on your website, built using technology.

- Our pricing is straightforward and among the best in the world. We use the best enterprise technologies with the lowest operating costs - so we can offer the best prices in the industry.

Increase your revenue:

- No ongoing costs – no monthly or annual fees; you only pay for tickets sold.

- The service fee amount is completely under your control.

- Sell additional goods and services alongside tickets.

- Adjust ticket prices throughout the sales cycle to create demand.

- You can connect an unlimited number of partners and agents to boost your sales.

- In the Reporter App, you can view all sales and their sources, allowing you to identify your most profitable sales partners and create the best conditions for them.

- Free invites and free refunds.

- Our pricing is straightforward and among the best in the world.

All the necessary features for:

- Concerts, shows, festivals, cinemas, sports events, conferences

- Museums, parks, concert and sports venues, theaters, exhibition spaces

- Transport, bus tours, boat tours

- Ticket systems, event listings, ticket and goods sales sub-platforms

Here are some examples:

- Concerts of Ukrainian artists and rock musicians in more than 20 countries 2023-2024,

- Gediminas Taranda Ballet company world tours,

- Cirque du Soleil shows – more than 50 shows with a total sales of over 150,000 tickets,

- Show Jennifer Lopez SoldOut 45,000 tickets,

- UEFA matches 2012 (segment Ukraine), FIFA 2018 – 7 stadiums,

- Ice shows of the Olympic and World medalists – more than 800 shows in 5 years in various regions and 3,000-10,000 tickets in each ice show,

- The platform hosted the World Choir Games (Choral Olympiad) 2016 – 50 participating countries, more than 20 venues, 11 days,

- Festivals "Music will save the WORLD", 5 countries, 2023

- At the same time, there were more than 25 million available tickets and more than 1,200 venues on sale on the platform

A professional ticket platform for you with all the necessary features for organizers

Lots of details in the articles:

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In the dynamic realm of event management, the way organizers access
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Functionality for events from 5,000 to 100K+ participants: the essentials for houses events of all shapes and sizes software provides all the necessary tools so that you can self-manage your events in the most efficient way. Make use of the best technology, enjoy full control over your ticketing, from the event and venue configuration, the sale of your subscriptions, tickets, events and products, the activation of promotions and packages and enjoys the event.

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