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Welcome to our event ticketing platform registration page! Here, you can quickly and conveniently create your account and start selling tickets. We offer a simple and intuitive form where you will input basic information about yourself or your organization, including type, name, registration details, address, and contact information. Filling out this form enables you to create an administrator account on the platform. Let’s get started and create unforgettable events together!

Step 1: Platform Registration

Step 2: App Download

After registration and downloading the applications, you will receive necessary instructions and be able to independently create events for ticket sales.

Create Your First Event by ArenaSoldOut Support Team

If you would like us to create your first event for you, please fill out the form below. It is free option.

First Event Create

Fill out the parameters for your event. You can change them later in the Editor application.

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Platform Registration

Fill out the parameters. You can change them later in the Manager application.


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