Our platform is managed through desktop applications. This means that instead of accessing it through a web browser, you download and install a program directly onto your computer. These desktop applications provide a dedicated interface for managing your events, ticket sales, and other platform activities. They offer features such as offline access, faster performance, and enhanced security compared to web-based platforms. This approach allows for a more seamless and efficient user experience, with direct access to platform functionality. To effectively manage our ArenaSoldOut-TixGear ticket platform, you’ll need to have Java installed.


You can download Java using these links:


Editor is intended for creating events and adding all the information necessary for ticket sales into the central database of TixGear platform.


Reporter is intended for receiving and analyzing data on ticket sales, receiving reports of various forms, tickets refund. The application displays data in real time.


Manager is designed to manage the credentials of companies and their employees (users), to create interfaces and manage them, to control subscriptions to events, configure web widget, manage push notifications and other tasks, for setting up and managing the resources of the platform.

Mobile Access Control System

The “Mobile Access Control System” (MACS, install from Google Play) is designed for ticket validation through the ArenaSoldOut ticket platform. MACS comprises a client-side (mobile app) is used by entry controllers. MACS works for both entry and exit ticket checks, requiring an Android device (version 4.0 and above) with autofocus camera and internet access for communication with the ArenaSoldOut central server. MACS reads crypto-protected QR codes of Mobile Electronic Tickets (MET) directly from the visitor’s device screen.

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