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Organizers get instant payouts for ticket sales directly to Organizers accounts.

The event’s organizer pays a license fee for each ticket sold. We charge a fee only when the payment transaction is made

ArenaSoldOut offers all the necessary features for events of any size – from intimate concerts to massive stadium shows.

We harness powerful industrial solutions, guaranteeing the utmost reliability.

With over 8 years of platform experience, our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise you can rely on. We provide top customer support – the platform functions on every continent and supports events of any scale and complexity.



For US

Each ticket:
$ 0
Per each ticket sold
  • +2% of ticket prices
  • + credit card processing fee
The best

For EU

Each ticket:
Per each ticket sold
  • +2% of ticket prices
  • + credit card processing fee
The best

For World

Each ticket:
$ 0
Per each ticket sold
  • +2% of ticket prices
  • + credit card processing fee
The best

Sell tickets through your website

Additionally, we support direct purchases from social media 

This enables you to promote your websites and channels on social media and sell tickets directly from your website. No more self-funded promotion of other companies’ ticket systems. Advertise and promote yourself, not someone else’s business!

An added advantage is that potential buyers attracted through your advertising won’t have the chance to wander off to other events on a different ticketing platform. Your customers stay with you.

Instant payments to organizers

Receive instant payouts for ticket sales directly into your accounts. does not receive funds for sold tickets; all proceeds go directly to the organizers’ accounts (acquiring).

Global presence: Operating on all continents, we offer a global platform for your events

Cultivate and Expand Your Community:


  •    Leverage the functionality of to build databases of your customers across all your event locations.
  •    Your ticket buyer database remains with you, enabling effective promotion of your new events.
Boost Your Sales:


  • Connect an unlimited number of partners, providing each with customized conditions.
  •  Utilize to manage trusted agents, simple agents, and an online cashier.
Harness Data for Revenue Growth:


  •  Optimize your advertising budget with the Reporter Arena app, tracking real-time sales.
  •  Identify effective customer acquisition channels to maximize revenue.
Price Control and Excitement Building:


  • Adjust ticket prices in real-time and open/close sales for specific seating areas.
  •  Strategically plan sales periods to generate excitement around your event.
Engage Influential Bloggers and Partners:


  • Create unique sales widgets for each partner in social media end Internet.
  • Analyze sales data for each partner, optimizing collaboration effectiveness and commission structures.
Increase Revenue with Innovative Tools:


  •  Sell Merchandise, parking spaces, and provide additional services to ticket buyers.
  •  Learn more

Unlocking the Magic: How It Works

  • Sign up on the platform and await administrator approval (this step is to prevent bot registrations)
  • Create your events, utilizing all the necessary features
  • Integrate your bank account and acquiring
  • Launch your tickets for sale on your website and across social media
  • Extend your sales reach to your partners, friends, and influencers
  • Promote your website and social media
  • Watch real-time updates of all your sales
  • Enjoy instant deposits to your account, as the cash flows in like clockwork
In the dynamic realm of event management, the way organizers access
In the contemporary events industry, the crucial aspect of successful operations
How to sell more tickets and increase income for organizers
Today's ticketing platforms are born into a vastly transformed world, radically
Essential features for organizers of high-demand mass events
A key element in driving sales is the ability to pre-order


  • All-inclusive features for your event business
  • Low costs = Higher earnings on every sale
  • Customers get paid instantly for their ticket sales, directly into their accounts
  • Complete personalized support from the ARENASOLDOUT.COM team of experts
  • Sell directly through your website and social media – no ticket operator needed
  • Build your own customer database instead of letting a ticket operator do it for you
  • Easily offer and manage ancillary products and services
  • Leveraging powerful industrial solutions, we guarantee top-tier reliability
  • Real-time sales analytics empower you to fine-tune advertising and sales channels
We use the world's best Enterprise-level technology, which is why we can keep prices low with the highest level of system reliability. The platform has not registered failures for 8 years of continuous operation. & TixGear houses events of all shapes and sizes

Embrace the Future of Ticketing. - Your Ticketing Revolution


– Yes, of course you can

– Yes, the organizers instantly receive payment for the sold tickets to their accounts

-Yes, we help and train all clients at the first events so that they start and go through the process of working with a new system pleasantly and quickly

– The organizer pays the platform in 2 stages – before the event for the tickets that have been sold by that moment, and also after the event, the second payment – the balance for what has been sold since the first invoice was issued

– ArenaSoldOut offers all the necessary features for events of any size – from small concerts to large-scale stadium shows. You can also explore a huge list of features for organizers on this site.

-Our very low prices mean more money for the clients from every ticket sold. We use the most powerful object database, which allows us to make millions of transactions per unit of time, so we can offer low prices to the organizers.

Actian NoSQL Object Database is the name of an industrial level object database, better known in the world as Versant Object Database – there is a lot of information about it on the Internet

– We work with any acquiring that the organizer decides. But we mainly work with the Stripe international payment system, which provides acquiring in a large number of countries and works with a huge number of banks that issue cards. In some cases, the organizers use a different acquiring. There are also countries whose residents cannot open Stripe accounts, for example, Israel, Montenegro, Serbia. In these cases, the organizers use another acquiring that is convenient for them.

-Yes, there is a test zone. Many organizers first create an event in a test zone with all the details, check how everything works, correct errors, and then transfer the event to a real zone and open sales

– There are 3 options to choose from:

A) In the functions of the platform there is a function “Make a site on WordPress”. Many organizers use it, quickly start selling on their websites and after that they finalize their personal design, which they can change at any time

B) We have an additional special offer (but for an additional payment) – several ready-made designs of sites already connected to the platform have been developed. There are those who buy it, our freelancers fill these sites with client information, transfer it to the client’s domain, and clients go into sales very quickly. It takes a few days, but it’s additional work from our freelancers, it’s not a platform feature.

C) There are organizers who ask us if we have freelancers who can develop a website for them. Yes, we have. But these are not platform functions, this is also for an additional fee.

You can use any of these options

In some cases, this takes several hours. If you have a large event, for example, in a stadium with seats, this is longer, as work with the seats is necessary.

-If you use the platform features, it takes several hours. And you can start selling tickets. Further, it is already possible to refine the design and the number of hours of work of your designer is not limited by us.

Tickets can be available in any language. Integration of a new language takes only 2 working days after you provide the text. Currently, we have integrated the following languages: English, Indonesian, Czech, Serbian, Russian, Portuguese. Additionally, tickets can be bilingual

Yes, the design and size of tickets can vary, ranging from standard to A4. You can stylishly customize tickets by adding additional information such as logos, images, maps, and textual details

Provide us with venue information (Name, exact address including country and city) and configurations relevant to your events. We’ll create custom layouts based on your specifications, tailored to each event’s unique requirements.


Send us venue details, register on the platform (confirmation sent upon registration), and you can set up your event for sales within an hour. Our support team is ready to assist if needed.

You can independently modify prices throughout the sales cycle using the organizer’s application. Plan a pricing strategy, inform your audience about upcoming price changes to create a sense of urgency, and accelerate ticket sales. Additionally, create various ticket types, promo codes, and discounts at any time.

On the platform, you can create up to 15 different ticket pricing categories. This number is not only sufficient for the needs of small events but is also suitable for managing large stadiums and massive festivals

Absolutely. The organizer support team is always available to assist you.

You can set this up within a day as our platform is fully equipped and + integrated with WordPress. Utilize the functionalities, promote your ticketing system to new clients, and start selling. Additionally, you can use the platform’s features with your own branded design. is a White Label platform, ensuring your business operates under your own brand.

You can adjust prices throughout the sales cycle using the organizer app. Develop a pricing strategy, inform your audience about price increase dates to create a sense of urgency, thereby accelerating ticket sales. Additionally, you can create various ticket types, promo codes, and discounts at any time.

You can utilize up to 15 ticket category options, which is sufficient even for managing large stadiums and massive festivals.

You have full control over your events on the platform. All actions within the platform are performed independently by you. The only operation our managers handle is entering about venue: the country, city, and venue plan onto the platform. Everything else, you can do and change yourself.

Yes, either freelancers or other specialists can manage all your events on the platform upon your request. This is a separate service and is not included in the platform’s service fee. You can reach out to us, and we can recommend a specialist for you. Such services are priced individually and depend on the scope of work

You can set up a new system within a day as all the necessary functionality is integrated with WordPress. You can customize the system with your branded design. The ticketing platform is a White Label solution, ensuring that your business operates under your own brand.

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