Arenasoldout.com provides a wide range of features that will empower you in every aspect of event management:

All kind of events and even goods and services

ArenaSoldOut.com houses events of all shapes and sizes. Also, you can offer your attendees additional products, such as e-cards, passes, transfers, merch and others.

General Admission

ArenaSoldOut.com  supports open-seating tickets with advanced pricing (price categories and tariffs).

Seating charts and reserved seating

ArenaSoldOut.com houses events of all shapes and sizes.

We supports the following options for venues with reserved seating:

  • Traditional floor plans with chairs and rows.
  • Sectors and floors.
  • Table reservation as a whole table or by individual chairs.
  • General admission areas and booths.
  • Additional objects and text on the plan – for example, to mark the stage location, staircase positions, etc.

For venues with reserved seating: Send us your current seating chart in any human-readable format (for example, an image, PDF, or XLS file). We will add the plan to your event and notify you, after which you can publish the event.

ArenaSoldOut.com – reliable and rapid ticketing platform, designed to serve any kind of events, Including stadiums and events hosting crowds of 20,000 to 100,000+ attendees

Application for complete event control

In the Manager App you can completely control all aspects of your event:

  • Prices,
  • Price categories,
  • Tarifs,
  • Tickets on sale and closed from sale,
  • Service fee,
  • Ticket design,
  • all other necessary aspects of each of your events
Desktop applications

Desktop applications for managing your events and tickets: you are no longer dependent on internet failures or the quality of internet connection when making any changes, all changes happen instantly, and real-time analytics will help you track the most successful sales sources.

You only need to install desktop Apps on your computer once and you can quickly create new events, make changes, work with seating charts, all functions and instantly send all changes to the platform by clicking the Save button.

Unlike working with online Apps, where you have to wait for each change to load, in ArenaSoldOut.com Desktop Apps everything happens almost instantly and reliably.

Password protected events

You can choose whether you want your event to be open for anyone to buy tickets, or whether you want to keep it private just for those invited. You can even put a password (access code) on the events page so only those in the know can buy tickets.

Ticket Types, Price Categories and Tariffs

Some events are more complicated than others so we allow you to list unlimited ticket types, price categories and tariffs. You can also group them (e.g. child tickets, adult tickets, Saturday tickets, Sunday tickets, multi-day passes, etc.) to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for. This is particularly useful if you have a large number of ticket types and prices or want to manage allocation by a group of tickets.

Widgets for your website, for social media, for sales agents, for partners

You can create any number of sales widgets for your event and distribute them to agents, partners, bloggers, and place them in your different sales channels.

In Reporter App you can monitor in real time how many sales each sales channel brought you. You will be able to choose the most effective ones and be able to develop cooperation with the most effective sales channels

Your event page on the ArenaSoldOut.com website

If you do not have a website where you sell tickets for your events, then you can get a customized page for your event on  ArenaSoldOut.com website.

Write to us about this, send all the necessary information and we will create a page for your event on ArenaSoldOut.com website.

You can see an example page at this link Your Event Page

Your event listing on the ArenaSoldOut.com website

If you have not one event, but a series of events and you want to make not only a page for each event, but also a listing of all events on the ArenaSoldOut.com website, thereby linking all future events of your brand, you can do this.

Write to us, send all the necessary information and we will create a branded listing for your event page on the ArenaSoldOut.com website

You can see an examples page at this links:

Listing 1

Listing 2

Seasonal Ticketing

If you’re looking to sell seasonal tickets, whether it’s sport, music or workshop, you can easily provide your visitors access to an entire season worth of activities.

Memberships and Subscriptions

ArenaSoldOut.com offers enticing memberships and subscriptions to your patrons. These let you provide seasonal subscription packages or year round memberships with many different options.

Timed Ticketing

Define times for entry on tickets with conditional logic to sell timed events. Timed ticketing allows you to organize tickets into sessions, designated by specific times of entry. This helps regulate the flow of patrons through any venue.

Mobile Tickets

Our tickets are simple to use on all mobile phones, and work with whichever operating system your attendees are using.

Service Fees

You have total control on what the booking and transactions fees are listed as. This means you can have the customer cover all your ticketing and payment processing fees (the amount is not limited so you can use this to generate additional revenue or cover internal costs).

Event Reports

ArenaSoldOut.com  Reporter App has detailed reporting engine with numerous reports in real time to get a detailed view of your event activity such as ticket sales, audits, scans, event summary, merchandise, and more. and what is important – sources of sales.

Unlike Google analytics, you do not see the sources of referrals to your page, but the agents who bring you increased sales. This way you can develop your interactions with the most effective partners.

For many events, it is important to see not only how many tickets have been scanned, but also how people enter the event, then leave and return. This is important for festivals and theaters, for excursions, conferences, circuses, and other events. You will see this data online in the ArenaSoldOut.com  Desktop Reporter App

API Integration

ArenaSoldOut.com & TixGear is built with an API Economy in mind. On the one hand, use ArenaSoldOut.com & TixGear and Third-party Inventory (TPI) system to connect and synchronize events in both systems via TPI API (e.g. venue’s system or Ticketmaster, Eventim, Eventbrite). On the other hand, use ArenaSoldOut.com & TixGear Open API to effortlessly and smoothly connect the platform with your websites and mobile apps. So your websites and mobile apps are always updated with your event data at minimal waiting time, and you can sell tickets with our powerful, well-documented API.

Payment providers

ArenaSoldOut.com allows you to integrate payment gateways specific to your country. Choose from your preferred country-specific payment gateways such as Stripe for safe and secure payment processing. We are constantly adding new options so your customers can buy the way they like. Our checkouts are multilingual, available in multiple currencies and local payment methods, offering the same great service to every corner of the globe.

Internationalization and Localization

ArenaSoldOut.com software is adapted to different languages, currencies, regional peculiarities and technical requirements of a target locale. To make it easy for your ticket buyers, ArenaSoldOut.com & TixGear widget will identify their browser language and change to match it.

Independent, White Label, Endlessly Customizable

You know best what you need in a ticketing solution – make it a reality with ArenaSoldOut.com platform. You can have full control over your ticketing operations, data, brand and communications. You select your own card acquirer agreement, ensuring that all revenue  goes directly to your own bank account. White label ticket selling allows you to seamlessly embed on your own website to sell events. Your patrons will never need to leave your website to complete a purchase.

We offer Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a custom white-labeling for enterprise customers.

Customizable ticket patterns

You can edit the text, images and design of your tickets.

Tickets can be monolingual or multilingual; you can create a unique ticket design for each event.
You can also make tickets in different sizes to include additional information on the tickets, such as placing logos of partners and sponsors, drawing directions to the event location, and placing other necessary information.

Omni-channel sales

Create and manage all your channels and contingents in one place and free yourself from annoying manual processes. Omni-channel sales enable you to do all the things you always wished you could do:

  • Create custom frontends using your favorite technology stack
  • Master your ticket distributions
  • Engage your customers on all channels
  • Sell your tickets everywhere

For each event, you can connect:

  • Trusted agents, allowing them to collect payment for sold tickets, with compensation based on contractual agreements.
  • Simple agents. In this case, money for tickets sold by agents will be deposited into your account, and you will compensate them according to your contractual agreements.

You can define the terms of your cooperation with each agent, as well as additional service fees that your sales partners may impose for each of your events.

Read more in article “Increasing event sales: effective strategies with agents and partners”

Ticket Scanning

The Mobile Access Control System (MACS) application is designed for ticket validation for tickets sold through the ArenaSoldOut.com ticketing platform. MACS is used by controllers at event entrances and exits to validate tickets. To use MACS, you need a mobile device ( phone, or professional device) equipped with a camera with autofocus and running the Android operating system version 4.0 and above (this can be a mobile device or professional scanners), as well as internet access to communicate with the central ArenaSoldOut.com server. The system is designed in such a way that it works reliably even during Internet failures.

Full Documented Platform with Ultimate Tutorial

ArenaSoldOut.com & TixGear tools are well documented, verified in testing environment and are working properly. Availability of free documentation and supporting materials allows ArenaSoldOut.com & TixGear to stand out on the rest of our competitors. Ultimate step-by-step tutorial shows you how to take advantage of all features within ArenaSoldOut.com & TixGear platform.

Built for Devs, by Devs

ArenaSoldOut.com & TixGear is built for Devs, by Devs. We know what you want in a ticketing solution. Start using our well documented API to develop your own frontends with groundbreaking events.  

Integration with WordPress

You can make your website and start sale  tickets in a few hours. You can change the design of your site at any time, substituting it for the style of your target audience and supplementing it with information.

Session capacity limits

You can submit different session capacity limits. In cases, even if you have different ticket types, price categories or tariffs for an event, you can combine them with one capacity limit. You can also set limits by category, for example, no more than 10 children’s tickets out of 100. And any other options.

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