Defense against bot activities and bulk reservations

Unscrupulous competitors and fraudulent individuals often employ bots to undermine event organizers.

While it may seem that your events and ticket sales are immune to online threats, perpetrators continuously develop sophisticated bots to either engage in click fraud within your advertising campaigns, leading to ineffective spending, or to systematically reserve large numbers of seats for your events, rendering them unavailable to genuine buyers.

Click fraud in advertising campaigns is a well-documented concern.

However, the issue of seat reservations often goes unnoticed. If bots consistently reserve your available seats (as many ticketing systems reserve them for a specific timeframe, typically 10-20 minutes, allowing buyers to complete their purchases after seat selection), potential customers are unable to view the available seating options—either all of them or a portion.

Moreover, you have limited control over or ability to prevent such occurrences.

So, what actions can you take? Here’s the encouraging news. By utilizing the ticketing platform, you can effectively thwart bot attempts to reserve seats, ensuring that all your tickets remain available for purchase. How? Prospective buyers cannot reserve seats until they confirm their emails, a process beyond the capabilities of bots.

As a result, only those who verify their emails are able to reserve seats.

This mechanism safeguards your seating arrangements against bot interference.

Furthermore, in the event of an incorrect email input by a buyer, the ticket does not disappear into oblivion. The buyer must confirm their email first, sparing you from the burden of addressing numerous customer support queries such as “I paid but didn’t receive my ticket, what should I do?”.

All customers consistently receive their tickets via email.

In addition, with email confirmation, you are spared from requesting extraneous information such as phone numbers. Since you won’t need it for tracking down missing tickets. Buyers can complete their purchases quicker and with greater satisfaction, as they are not required to provide unnecessary details during the checkout process.


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