Increasing event sales: effective strategies with agents and partners

In today’s world, event organizers are constantly seeking new ways to boost ticket sales and attract audiences. One effective method is to engage agents and partners in the sales process. Let’s explore how event organizers can utilize this strategy to enhance their profits.

Diverse access levels for sales agents

Partners can have varying levels of access to the ticket sales system. Some agents may be granted access to collect payments for sold tickets, while others may only have access to view sales statistics. This allows event organizers to efficiently manage their partner relationships.

For each event, you can connect:

  • Trusted agents, allowing them to collect payment for sold tickets, with compensation based on contractual agreements.
  • Simple agents. In this case, money for tickets sold by agents will be deposited into your account, and you will compensate them according to your contractual agreements.

You can define the terms of your cooperation with each agent, as well as additional service fees that your sales partners may impose for each of your events.

Engagement of various types of partners

Event organizers have the opportunity to involve various partners in ticket sales for their events, including agents, business partners, companies targeting specific audiences, and bloggers. This expands the pool of potential clients and increases overall sales volume.

Creation of individual sales widgets

Event organizers can create individual sales widgets for each partner or blogger. This allows for tracking the number of sales made by each partner and effectively managing partner relationships.

Use of analytics for evaluation of effectiveness

To assess the effectiveness of the strategy of engaging partners in sales, event organizers can use the REPORTER application of the ticket platform. This enables tracking of the number of sales made by each partner, identification of the most successful and profitable sales channels, and flexible adjustment of terms of cooperation with each sales channel.

Examples of successful implementation of the strategy

Here are several examples of successful implementation of the strategy of involving partners in event ticket sales:

  • A concert agency operating in various countries engages posters and media outlets, including radio stations, in each location, which not only advertise the event but also sell tickets on their websites and social media.
  • A cabaret catering to tourists involves local travel agencies, book and magazine kiosks, and excursion kiosks in ticket sales, as well as hotels selling tickets to daily shows.
  • An organizer of a jazz festival connects with hotels in their city, tourist agencies, dance studios, tour guides, and yacht rental companies in ticket sales.
  • An organizer of a Latin American dance festival actively sells tickets by partnering with hotels, radio stations, bloggers, as well as cosmetic and hairdressing salons in their city. As a result, the entire city dances at the festival!
  • A mountain trekking festival connects with stores selling equipment, tourist clothing, sports walking clubs, orientation clubs, fitness centers, and bookstores for ticket sales.
  • The organizer of bus excursions and boat tours has partnered with local hotels, tourist agencies, beach restaurants, kiosks, tourist information centers, the tourist event listing of the city, and aquabike rental centers, as a result successfully selling online tickets for all events.

Engaging partners in ticket sales for events is an effective strategy for increasing sales and attracting new audiences. Event organizers should actively utilize this method and analyze its effectiveness using analytical tools.


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