The evolution of event technologies: pioneering new frontiers for event organizers

From interactive dresses to 4D holograms: revolutionary technologies elevating events to unprecedented heights.

Interactive Textile Designs by Adobe

Dress for the Future: Project Primrose

At the Adobe Max conference, the unveiling of “Project Primrose,” featuring flexible textile displays, took center stage. This technology utilizes scale-like LEDs to craft interactive images on fabric. Adobe’s applications transform the dress into a canvas with animations, unlocking new possibilities for artists, directors, and event organizers.

Honor’s phone bag

Mobility in Every Move

Honor introduces the innovative foldable phone, Honor V Purse, with a clip-on strap, embodying functionality and stylish design. This gadget ensures that you not only have a phone at your fingertips but also a trendy accessory that can change its color.

4D Holograms: realistic 3D imagery

EventWorks4D leading the technological charge

EventWorks 4D’s holographic performances create a stunning 4D effect. 4D holograms offer an interactive experience with three-dimensional images, making them an ideal choice for stage design, creating new creative spaces, theaters, and amusement parks.

Virtual Zoo: holograms in the wild

Australia’s holographic Zoo

Brisbane’s Holographic Zoo provides a unique interaction with wildlife. Utilizing hologram technology, realistic images of animals have been created, offering the public a chance to see and learn about wildlife without confining animals in captivity.

In the rhythm of technology: Fun for Fans

A T-shirt with a built-in screen capable of displaying videos from your phone has been developed. Yes, you can wash it, but there’s a catch: the screen only operates for 2-4 hours. An incredible realm for creativity, fan interaction, and acquiring new audiences for artists, artist managers, concert organizers, festival planners, and sports managers.

Technological innovations open new horizons for event organizers, event spaces and creative entertainment market participants

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