Tickets and sales. Some questions and solutions

In our fast-paced world, selling tickets with efficiency and profit maximization can be a challenging task for event organizers. Traditional ticketing systems often come with limitations and high commission fees, forcing event organizers to seek more efficient solutions. That’s where comes in—a revolutionary ticketing platform offering numerous advantages for event organizers worldwide. In this article, we will explore the typical problems faced by event organizers, the innovative solutions offered by, and explain why it is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Problem 1: High commission fees and intermediaries:

One of the main challenges for event organizers is significant commission fees imposed by ticket operators worldwide. Another issue is that ticket operators hold the funds from ticket sales, causing delays in payments to the organizers when they need the working capital the most. Moreover, in most cases, the ticket operator has full control over your tickets, preventing you from making timely changes to prices, tariffs, venue selection, and more. Often, you end up promoting the ticket operator’s website at your expense, without having full control over your tickets.

Solution: Sell directly, maximize profit: offers a revolutionary solution that allows event organizers to sell tickets directly through their own websites and social media platforms. By eliminating intermediaries and paying lower commission fees, you can retain a significant portion of your earnings. Change ticket prices online and gather valuable customer information. Take control of ticket sales and regain full control over the success of your event.

Problem 2: Limited customer data and marketing opportunities:

Traditional ticketing systems often restrict access to valuable customer data, hindering event organizers from building a quality customer base and running targeted marketing campaigns. This limitation hampers communication with past attendees and effective promotion of future events. Additionally, to work with buyers of your own tickets later, you have to pay the ticket operator again.

Solution: Build a customer database, increase event popularity:

With, event organizers can create a detailed customer database, enabling direct communication with ticket buyers from previous events. This opens up unlimited marketing possibilities, allowing you to target advertising for future events directly to your audience, leading to increased attendance and overall success for your events.

Problem 3: Restrictions and loss of control:

Relying solely on a single ticket operator can limit an event organizer’s options and reduce the choice of marketing channels. Placing complete reliance on third-party platforms can hinder brand visibility and restrict the use of alternative sales channels.

Solution: Multiple sales channels, full control: allows event organizers to sell tickets not only through their websites and social media platforms but also through multiple ticket operators while maintaining complete control over their brand, prices, and marketing efforts. Promote your own channels and website, expand your audience, and establish your event brand as successful and in-demand.

Problem 4:

Ticket operators primarily focus on ticket sales and do not provide opportunities for selling related services and merchandise.


Utilize the event organizer platform:
By using the platform for event organizers, you can significantly increase your profit by simultaneously selling various items alongside tickets, such as parking spaces, event merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, caps, backpacks) with your event logo or custom design, food and drink vouchers for seamless access during intermissions, and any other related products and services.

It is impossible to cover all possible problems and solutions in one article. I have described the ones that event organizers frequently discuss.

Conclusion: revolutionizes the ticket sales landscape, offering a range of solutions to overcome common challenges faced by event organizers. Sell tickets directly, maximize profit, build a customer database, and control your sales channels. These steps will help elevate your events to new heights of success. Don’t limit yourself to traditional ticketing systems that restrict your potential. Embrace the opportunities provided by and unlock a new world of possibilities for your events. Experience the future of event ticket sales today.

Marina Bakanova Co-Founder

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