Boosting event sales: innovative moves with

In the realm of festival and concert tour organization, effective sales management is the linchpin of a successful event. In this article, we’ll explore how the platform provides organizers with unique tools to increase sales and enhance overall visitor experience.

Pre-ordering Merchandise:

A key element in driving sales is the ability to pre-order event merchandise. enables attendees to place orders in advance, building anticipation and strengthening connections with fans even before the event kicks off.

For organizers or artist management, this means receiving prepayments and ensuring the production of the necessary amount of merchandise at each concert location, eliminating transportation and customs issues. Distributing merchandise according to ticket allocations at each event becomes a seamless process.

To exclude non-ticket holders from purchasing merchandise, we recommend making exclusive merch offers on the successful ticket purchase page. This ensures that only ticket purchasers have access to event-specific merchandise for each location. Introducing Limited Edition merch tailored for each concert or tour is also a savvy marketing move.

Prepayment for Services:

Organizers can utilize the platform to enable prepayment for parking, beverages, and food. This innovative feature not only generates additional revenue but also streamlines visitor services, eliminating long queues at the event.

Additional Sales Channels:

TixGear Platform Editor – provides the opportunity to expand sales channels through online ticket booths with partners and the placement of sales widgets with influential bloggers. This not only widens audience reach but also creates additional touchpoints for ticket and service purchases.

The modern technologies offered by provide concert and festival organizers with powerful tools to increase sales and improve interaction with attendees. Pre-ordering merchandise, prepayment for services, and expanding sales channels are all ways to enhance the efficiency of events, making them more profitable and memorable for participants.

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