applications: a brief guide

The applications on the platform are divided by functionality, ensuring that each user can utilize the necessary tools without delays. This provides access to essential features for efficient work and allows users to grant various levels of access to their staff for timely and accurate modifications, minimizing the load on computers and mobile devices.

MANAGER Application

The Manager application is designed for managing the accounts of enterprises, businesses, and their employees (users), creating and managing interfaces, controlling event subscriptions, configuring WEB WIDGETS, and other tasks related to configuring and managing resources on the ticketing platform.

In the Manager application, accounts for companies and individuals are created, employee (application user) data is entered, and subscriptions to events between Organizers and Sales Agents are established.

EDITOR Application

The Editor is intended for creating events, entering all necessary information for ticket sales into the central database of, making changes, and creating marketing campaigns. Access to the Editor is limited to specific employees as defined in the Manager application.

The Editor, like other applications on, is a client part of the central ticketing platform server. It is used only by event organizers. The Editor allows for the creation of events (performances) and entering all necessary information for ticket sales into the central database of It provides tools for creating and managing event sessions, includes features for connecting sales agents to events, and ticket sales management. In this application, organizers can create various types of events, such as assigned seats, general admission, and combined schemes.

REPORTER Application

The Reporter application is designed for retrieving and analyzing ticket sales data, generating reports of various formats, and handling ticket refunds. The application displays data in real-time mode.


The Mobile Access Control System application is designed for ticket validation for tickets sold through the ticketing platform.

MACS consists of a client part (mobile application) and a server part on the central server. The client part of MACS is used by controllers at the entrance control of events. MACS can be used for ticket validation both at entry and exit points. To operate MACS, a mobile device with autofocus camera and Android OS version 4.0 and higher is required, as well as internet access for communication with the central server. MACS reads encrypted QR codes of Mobile Electronic Tickets (MET) of the platform directly from the visitor’s mobile device screen.

Mobile devices can range from professional devices commonly used at venues to smartphones or tablets running Android version 4.0 and higher.

One of the features of MACS is its smooth operation even with intermittent internet connection.

How users interact with applications:

  • Some organizers perform all roles themselves. They act as both organizers and sales agents for their events (for example, when selling exclusively through their websites and social networks).
  • Some organizers combine all these roles, selling tickets through their websites and social networks, while also selling through their partners, providing each of them with their sales widgets and connecting sales agents and online cash registers.
  • Roles can be divided. For example, some create events (acting as Operators, Organizers), while others work as sales agents.
  • Sales agents, companies (Ticketing systems, ticket boxes, or ticket offices) can choose which events they will work with. This primarily depends on the focus of their business, such as locations, languages, types of events, or a combination of these factors.
  • Ticketing systems, ticket boxes, or ticket offices, as they are called in some countries, can create their businesses under their brand, using all the platform’s features and providing their clients with various types of services.

The platform is created and operates in a way that allows everyone to efficiently manage their projects or businesses, develop them in any segment of the mass events market.

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